When searching for the perfect floor, many people tend to choose oak flooring. The reasons they choose this wooden flooring is because it adds value and elegance to the home, comes in a variety of different tones, it lasts, and can be used in any area. This all sounds like a good reason to buy and install it. But is it really?

There are a few things that your local home improvement or flooring store salesman may fail to mention however, and this concerns the white oak flooring cons. This flooring tends to scratch and dent very easily, simply from placing a piece of furniture on it, such as a chair without floor protectors on its legs or the heavy footsteps of hard-sole shoes. When moving furniture it is necessary to protect the floor every time by placing something underneath the legs or bottom of the furniture, otherwise you may experience an irreversible and unfixable scratch into the koka grīda, regardless of the fact that you may have laid several coats of protective covering during installation.

Yet another con to having this flooring is that excess moisture can damage it to the point of needing replacement just by repeated washings over time. Should you develop a leak at some point; the floor will buckle, discolor, and deteriorate which will also bring about the need to replace the damaged portion.

The white oak flooring cons are enough to make one reconsider this particular choice, perhaps by choosing some other wood flooring or synthetic flooring, which could eliminate the possible disaster of having to replace such expensive flooring. Also deserving mention is the installation of white oak flooring is rather difficult and time consuming considering that you would have to fill the holes with filler which has to be dried and sanded along the way.

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