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Restaurant Review of Bleu in Green Bay, WI

Bleu Restaurant and Lounge is situated in Ledgeview, which verges on the East side of Bellevue and Green Bay. The new café is arranged in Olde School Square, set in a rural nation setting. As you stroll in, you will see that Bleu is an all open idea café, including the kitchen part. This permits you to watch all the cooking. The style of Bleu is finished with natural contemporary pizazz, and the vaulted roof is secured with an assortment of antique entryway fronts.

I ate bookings for that night, and when I showed up I was sat at a little table that could fit two burger joints. The tables for clients with reservations are totally lined all in succession and face the long bar and kitchen. There are numerous stools which face and run along the bar and kitchen for a more easygoing feasting, and two enormous tables that seat ten for burger joints without reservations. The lady gave me a mixed drink menu and supper menu.

My server before long came and was truly amiable. He acquainted himself and continued with reveal to me the specials for that night. He additionally clarified, in detail, the fixings and the cycle wherein they are made. I chose to begin with the Lamb and Potato Soup for $5.00, and for my entrée I requested the Butter Crumb Day Boat Haddock for $28.00. I was brought my mixed drink, and a cloth secured plate with cuts of French bread and a side of spice spread. The bread tasted not exactly new and vaporous. My soup was served in a bowl which contained diced carrots, potatoes, pearl grain, minuscule ground meatballs of sheep, and a couple of bits of new mint. The soup had an exceptional kind of the sheep, which gave a pungent gritty flavor.

I was not served or offered ice water and I additionally saw that different coffee shops had not been brought any. I mentioned on the off chance that I might have water and was served a glass of water with no ice. My haddock was served straightaway and it looked brilliantly perfect. There was an enormous filet secured with a delightful brilliant covering resting and adjacent to were two little stove cooked potatoes, one blue and one red. Under my filet were still somewhat firm new vegetables comprising of a blended variety of green bay SEO company beans, carrots, brussel grows, and broiled cauliflower. My haddock was right on the money great, extremely sodden, new, and flaky. The crusted bread piece was dissolve in your mouth rich with a slight crunch, it tasted divine. On the menu it expressed fingerling potatoes, so I accepted they probably run out, however the broiler simmered potatoes were flavorful similar to the crunchy finished vegetables.

My administration all through my dinner was truly agreeable; my worker was mindful and charming to chat with. Bleu additionally serves snacks.