Naming a star is something you’ve probably never heard about before. After all, the universe is a big place. Is it really possible to adopt a star or name a star after someone?

The answer is – yes and no.

You can’t name a star through an official organization like NASA which is the ultimate star watching, star naming group.

However, there are some really interesting star registries that privately offer you the ability to name a star of your own. These registries specialize in creating very pretty packages or star kits that are designed to be an intriguing and fun gift appropriate for just about every occasion.

In most star kits the recipient receives detailed information about “their” star, including an astronomical map showing exactly where they can find their star in the sky. This is a great gift for someone like a child who enjoys looking through a telescope and studying the planets and stars, because the idea of a star being named after him or her is fun and inspiring.

But there are many other situations where naming a star after someone might be appropriate.

If you have someone in your life who has made a significant impact, such as a teacher, mentor, or sports coach, and you’d like to show them how much their help has meant to you, you might consider name a star after them. It demonstrates the idea that this person has boosted your skills, supported you in tough times, and made a real difference in your life.

You could also adopt a star in honor of someone who has been a spiritual guide to you such as a minister, therapist, rabbi, or priest. People who work in the challenging field of religion or healing, providing encouragement, guidance, and help to people who are going through tough times, often don’t receive enough feedback about how life-saving their advice has really been. By naming a star after them, you could show them that they have been your “guiding star” at a difficult time and will always occupy and important place in your heart.

Other gift giving occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day can all be fun times to adopt a star for someone. So many times we find it difficult to come up with a unique gift giving idea. We’re a culture saturated with “stuff,” and sometimes the last thing somebody really needs is a silly ornament or gadget or piece of clothing that they’re never going to wear. Why not buy those people something with a greater personal significance and name a star in their honor?

As the years go by, so many important people who have helped make our lives better slip through the cracks. It can be great to show some of them how much you appreciate the contributions they have made to your education, health, wealth, and overall well-being by naming a star after them.