We see it all over the hockey rinks and the arenas from the stands or by watching it on television. Advertisements are all over the hockey arena. They’re on the boards, on the ice and even the scoreboard. Advertisements play a massive part in generating revenue and gives advertisers a competitive playing field promoting their own products just like how hockey teams compete against one another. Most of us don’t see it but advertising products during a hockey is just as fierce as the hockey game itself and to make things interesting, why not put advertisements on the player jerseys themselves. I understand that there are mixed views on the idea but there are many benefits to adding advertisements on the jerseys.

For companies like Bridgestone and Amp who already have their stamps on the Winter Classic logos in the past, advertising on jerseys is branding on a higher level. Advertisements on vendor jersey will create a perception about what brand of tire or type of energy or whatever advertisement is that fans will think about when they watch their favourite team play. The same can go vice versa. Whatever brand that consumers will think about will also think about what team’s jersey they saw that advertisement on simultaneously. It is a visual synchronicity that can potentially be well supported if the marketing ploy is established correctly.

There needs to be a strict limit on to what kind of advertisements that will be displayed on the official NHL jersey’s and where to display them. I think ads would be placed right on the upper arm of the jersey which is above the player number. Another decent spot for an ad is on the upper chest on the opposite side of where the captaincy logo is. Teams like the Detroit Red Wings who the captaincy logo on the right upper chest of the jersey instead of the left side like most other teams have to place the ad on the left side of the jersey instead of the right. I think two ads on the upper chest is even a little too busy for my taste but one ad on the upper chest and two on the arm of the sweater with one on each side makes a lot of sense to me. I wouldn’t even mind an ad on the wrist section of the sweater for the icing on the cake just so it looks like the NHL is not doing enough on the ad campaign on the jerseys.

We seen a lot of sponsors on the boards and on the rinks and we know what brands they are but what type ad deserves a place on the NHL official player jersey. Some ads will work on some teams and others won’t. For example; A Tim Horton’s ad will work very well on a Ottawa Senators jersey but not on a Florida Panthers jersey. Demographics play a huge role into which ads fit on to each teams jerseys. I think it’ll be interesting if every team had its own sponsor. For example; if we had three ads per sweater, that means we have ninety different sponsors and advertisers. It would be boring if there was just one single advertiser for every jersey but that could happen if that company wants to shell out massive amounts of money.

Beer advertisements would be accepted as long as there are no beer logos on the child sized jerseys they sell at Sportchek as it is politically incorrect. Healthy foods, automotive companies, software companies, construction firms, certain manufacturers would be the type of genre of advertisements that would be displayed on the sweaters. It will also be interesting if Facebook or Amazon were to get on o that train as it creates buzz and attention among the general consumer, not just the average hockey fan. The amount of money that can be generated from this idea can add up to the tens of millions generated from the advertising fees and promotion of the product and the promotion on o hockey itself.