With more televised football, the advent of Betfair and increased competition amongst bookmakers the face of football betting has changed over the last couple of years. Football coupons could only be obtained from the big bookmakers and they use to dictate the bets. Football Cashbuilder System claims now that the old way of betting has passed and with all the competition involved meaning any bet can be placed across many bookmakers, the system is unstoppable. However the system does not promise instant millions but rather claims a person can ultimately profit from football betting. Furthermore the system claims there is minimal risk involved whilst the bookmakers do all the work.

Football Cashbuilder does not rely on a ufabet exchange and the use of Betfair is not required. The system further claims it is not a gimmick or high risk staking system that wipes out all a person’s winnings after one or two losing bets. The system is furthermore not reliant on in-betting, all that is required is to place bets two or three times a week. Bets can be placed with a bookmaker or online and works on any football league in the world.

John Dixon is the mastermind behind Football Cashbuilder. As a football odds analyst and professional gambler he started the program a couple of years ago and claims to have made substantial money and continuous to profit every year. John claims the reason for selling his system is twofold. Firstly as a gambler he incurred debt and he would like people like him to secure an income that continually grows and secondly having worked for a bookmaker he was sick of rip off odds that was set out every week. The system claims to be very easy to operate by any person and no betting experience is required, it can be used anytime football is on and most importantly it can be operated from anywhere in the world via the internet.