Many businesses and individuals depend on international courier companies to provide impeccable delivery service. One of the reasons for this is that courier services are usually more expensive than traditional letter delivery services. But couriers offer expedited delivery options and often times have less problems that arise from broken or lost goods because customers are paying more for the service. But have you ever wondered exactly what you’re paying for and what can happen if you don’t settle any money owed to the courier? Below are some common charges incurred when using international courier companies for package and document delivery.

Freight Charges

All packages are weighed and priced according to weight and destination. The heavier your package the more it’s going to cost to ship it. The same is true for oddly shaped packages. The length and width are taken into consideration when determining freight charges, because oddly shaped packages may take up more space than an average square or rectangular package. Freight charges consistently go through changes, so what you paid last year may not be the same next year. When things like fuel and vehicle maintenance increase in price, so will the amount charged to ship the package.

Duties and Taxes

Depending on where the package is going, there may be duties or taxes to be paid. The courier company will often handle these charges under the assumption that they will be paid by either the sender or receiver upon delivery of the package. If these fees are paid by the pallet courier and the charges don’t get covered, the courier service can place a lien on the package contents and refuse delivery until all fees are paid in full.

Special Services

One reason people like courier companies is because of the special services not offered by traditional mail services. Courier companies will package your items for you, deliver the package by a certain time, guarantee overnight delivery, insure the package up to a certain amount, and even offer fax services. But all of these perks have a charge. Some charges are small while others are larger. Surcharges for timed deliveries and overnight deliveries will be higher than paying for a box or using the courier service’s fax machine. But most people are paying for that one stop shopping type service where all of their individual and business mailing needs can be met. Individuals who use international courier companies to handle their mailing needs expect to pay a little more for the above ordinary service.