Discover The 5 Surprises About PMP Exam Questions

Discover The 5 Surprises About PMP Exam Questions

One: About PMP exam questions–If you were to ask five project managers what the PMP exam was about, each of them would probably mention the PMBOK guide. The Project Management Institute created a volume called, “The Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge.” It is commonly called the PMBOK guide, and you would think that with a name like that, it would contain everything that might be on the PMP exam. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t. It has a great outline of the processes that make up the best practices in project management, but it is more of a good reference book. You will need a good exam prep book to supplement the PMBOK guide in order to pass the test.

Two: Not all of the project management formulas are going to be on the exam. There are about 49 formulas that you have to learn for the PMP test, however there are only about 9 to 11 questions that will be about those formulas. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which of the formulas are the ones on the test, so I suggest you learn them all

Three: Not all of the questions on the NECO Expo 2020 are knowledge based. Most PMP aspirants spend a lot of time learning facts, figures, and processes, but a lot of the exam is situational. What should you do in this situation or that situation? What should you do next? Application of the knowledge is more important than the sheer knowledge. Make sure the exam prep book that you have found has plenty of examples and don’t be afraid to role play different scenarios that might come up in your business. The PMI is very interested in how the knowledge you might gain can be applied.

Four: There are answers for most of the common mistakes made in project management. Many of the questions will appear to have more than one right answer. The reason for this is that the questions are designed to catch inexperienced project managers with common mistakes that are regularly practiced in the industry.

Five: The processes in the PMBOK guide are designed for very large projects–over $200 Million in budget and more than 200 people working on the project. In practice the team needs to select which processes are right for their project, but for the PMP exam, it is expected that all of the processes are necessary and that when in doubt look at the answers with the perspective of the largest projects in mind.

These few tricks may surprise you, but you don’t have to be surprised by the PMP exam questions . There is a way you can take a realistic sample exam, and really be prepared for that test. You will find the scope and variety of questions to be much like the exam itself. With 8 base exams and 1 section just on the Inputs/Outputs/Tools and Techniques, you will have just what you need to be prepared for all of the surprises found in the real.


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