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Major applications of a smoke controlling system

Are you planning to install a smoke control system? Are you confused about whether it is a wise investment or not? Have you been spending most of your time reading different pages on the internet to know about the same? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Today through this article, we will discuss the major applications of smoke control systems.

Before we jump to the detailed applications of smoke control systems, let us first discuss the basic meaning of it. In simple terms, these smoke controlling systems are a setup which helps to manage and direct the movement of smoke at the time of the fire. Another major purpose of installing such ductless mini-split smoke controllers is that they help to make the process of vacating a place easier at the time of the fire.

In case, if you are wondering what your building can survive without such smoke control systems, then you are absolutely wrong. This is because, if the building does not have a properly built smoke system by an experienced engineer then, at the time of the fire, smoke can cause a lot of destruction, havoc and loss of life as well. Whenever a fire breaks out in any building; the residents are easily able to get evacuated because of the presence of such ductless mini-split and other types of smoke control systems.

Apart from helping to direct the movement of smoke at the time of the fire, smoke controlling systems helps in getting the building proper natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, all at once. Let us study the three major applications of a controlling smoke system.

Three major applications of a smoke control system

1. Residential buildings

The first and foremost major application of smoke controlling systems such as ductless mini-split is in residential buildings. The main reasons behind having a proper engineered smoke controlling system in the building are that, when in an emergency a fire spreads in such a building having three or more floors, then it will be easy for people to escape because of the presence of these systems. These smoke controlling systems help to control the movement of smoke and to keep the rescue path clear of smoke.

If you are thinking about which controlling the smoke system to choose from, then there are many different options such as Automatic opening vents, ductless mini splits and many others.

2. Public Buildings

Imagine that you are in a shopping mall with your friends and suddenly a fire breaks out. You will notice chaos and panic everywhere. Due to smoke being released from the fire, there will be no visibility. Did this situation scare you? Well, we can assume that your answer is yes. Therefore, it is necessary to install such smoke controlling systems in public places such as shopping malls, museums, picture halls and much more.

3. Commercial buildings

People working in huge offices or commercials buildings should always install smoke controlling systems to ensure their safety at times of emergencies such as a sudden fire. However, it should be noted by all the readers that the structure of each building is different; therefore; a properly engineered smoke system should be installed according to the same. ‘

We hope that you must have read the above-stated information in complete detail and have understood the three major applications of a controlling smoke system. If you have any doubt related to the same, you can always contact in the comment section below. Last but definitely not the least, all the readers should pick the best quality smoke control systems without any compromise because it is for the sake of one’s own safety.