Most parents will do whatever they possible can to protect their child’s health. Unfortunately, many of the toys children are now playing with carry some sort of hazard. The same applies with rented toys, including rented bounce houses.

There are literally hundreds of inflatable bouncer rental companies in the United States alone. While most of these companies offer a great service, and have the child’s best interests in mind, there are some rental companies which are potentially avoiding basic health conscience standards which could put your child’s health at risk.

All inflatable LY Jumping, whether rented or not, should be properly cleaned. A disinfectant is typically used to kill any bacteria that may be spread to other children. Most companies that rent inflatable bouncers will indeed clean their bounce houses before rental or just after being used. However, as concerned parents, it is our responsibility to verify that they do this. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you question the rental company as to when the inflatable bouncer you want to rent was last cleaned and what was used to clean it. If they did not use a disinfectant, your child could potentially fall ill from bacteria remaining from children that previously played in that rental unit.

Many rental companies rent older equipment. It is important to note that older rental units will not be made to the same safety standards as newer bounce houses. Especially where grade is concerned, older bouncers may be more susceptible to tipping hazards. In addition to this, certain netting and other attached objects can be hazards. When renting an inflatable bouncer, parents should also question how often the rental company has checked for recalls and cross checked the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database.