The word loci comes from the Latin word locus, which means places. The technique is also referred to as the memory palace. The technique is a very old mnemonic device. Allot of memory champions use the loci method. You don’t have to be a genius to use the loci method. It’s some times referred to as the mental walk. Different people use the system to remember different things. Some want to recall shopping lists and others birthdays or faces. How does it work? We’re going to discuss that in this article.

If you want to use the loci method, you’ll first need to choose a ‘memory palace.’ The memory caste can be the house you live in, the city you live in, or even simply an item. There’s only one thing you need to make sure, you need to know the memory palace by heart. See the rooms and items clearly in your mind. You’re going to use this LOCI
to store the memories you want in such a way that makes them easy to recall.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the memory palace. You must see it clearly and vividly. It’s crucial that you’re able to visualize it. Make a route that you’re going to take through the memory palace. If it’s your home that is your memory palace, make a route that you’ll take through your home. That you’ll take through the rooms in your house. Visualize everything as best you can.

The loci method works by associating the information you want to recall with a room in your memory palace. Want to store a shopping list? Visualize the first item on the list in the first room. Visualize a bag of beans. Visualize it clearly. It is not enough to simply see it. Action and emotions will make the information easier to store. See the bag of beans go up in flames. Make it huge. Add something to the picture that makes it easier to remember. An example of an emotion I often use is frustration. I try to open the bag but can’t, so I feel very frustrated and angry.

Place the items you wish to remember in the different rooms. The second item on your shopping list would go in the second location. The key aspect of getting this memory system to function properly is having a clear visual mental image of the items, and to know you memory palace by heart. You will need to come up with your own action and emotions to store the information. To be able to store an entire deck of cards, you’ll need 52 locations. Practice makes master.