It would be nice to think that once an above ground swimming pool is installed you can just use it forever without doing a thing to it. But the pool needs to be kept clean and not just filtered. Some sort of cleaning system is needed on top of the pump for circulating the water; and you will need a pool cover for bad weather to make your job of keeping it clean easier.

The best choice of course would be to use above ground pool cleaners, and there are more than a few on the market. Keeping the pool clean is a huge responsibility of course, and as a result you could spend several hours doing it on a weekly basis. There’s nothing more irritating than looking out your window to find out that the surface of your pool is green!

The rover is a great choice, though there are quite a few to select among. You can find anything from a generic looking industrialized rover to something a little more customized and kid friendly. For instance There is always the Hayward Diver Dave and Wanda Wale. On the outside they look more like toys, but internally they work the same as the standard rover.

There is also the AquaBug above ground pool cleaners that feature a highly sophisticated steering system, capable of cleaning every inch of your Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner.

The debris collected by the rover is kept within an interior compartment which means you will occasionally need to change the filter, but these filters are available at virtually any swimming pool supply store. If you’re not interested in using a filter or a rover for that matter, you always have the option of of using pool skimmers as above ground pool cleaners. Note that the skimmer is a device that has been used for many years, and still proves to be quite effective.

There are two major problems with the skimmer, the first problem being that the dragged net enclosure can tear the pool. The second problem is that it can become stuck on the side of the pool, which means the cleaner is not completely automated. If you can live with this, then you will be glad to know that these skimmers cost considerable less than their rover or sweeper counterparts. That being said, now would be a great time for you begin shopping for above ground pool cleaners, whether you choose to go the skimmer route or the rover route. It wont’ be long before your swimming pool is sparkling like new once again!