There are a lot of controversial discussions related to whether mothers should take their babies for a walk or not. The specialists in this domain insist that it is very important for babies to take their share of fresh air, even if they can sometimes get ill.

It is good for babies to be taken for a walk because this strengthens their immune system as they are exposed to different viruses. Also, they need air and sunlight for their body to function properly. Sunlight also helps with their provisions of vitamin D. Specialists think that vitamin D is very important for the growth and development of their bones. However, they also claim that mothers shouldn’t directly expose their babies to sunlight because of the radiations, therefore, there are different opinions on the topic.

Everyone agrees that babies need fresh air and that mothers also need it, therefore, you should also take basta baby en vivo for a walk during the winter. Another positive thing is that the baby can get used to noise and to other people swarming around them. Daily walks are also good for mothers because they help them relax, socialize and do some physical activity.

Here are a few things you should take into consideration in order to these advantages to be valid. First of all, you shouldn’t take your baby for a walk until they turn one month because their immune system is not developed enough and they can get a lot of infections. If you take them for a walk, you shouldn’t keep them around ill people and you shouldn’t stay for more than thirty minutes. If someone wants to touch your baby and play with them, you should ask them to wash their hands before they do that.