There are a few things busy mothers look for in a breast pump: efficiency, a reasonable price, great storage features, comfort, and portability. The Medela breast pump in Style Advanced and on-the-go tote probably has four out of the five features right. Most mothers are happy with the model although it does come with one or two glitches.

The good points:

On the upside, one of the best things about this model is that you can set it to work on one breast or both breasts at the same time. The pumping action is split in two phases. The first phase simulates fast and short sucking to stimulate the let down. The second phase simulates long, deep sucking to encourage the steady flow of milk. The speed can also be easily adjusted with a knob.

The Medela breast pump is easy to use. Setting it up and cleaning it after pumping takes less than five minutes.

According to most moms who have left reviews of this model, they’re able to use it and get sufficient milk from both breasts in about 20 minutes. This isn’t the fastest pumping rate in the market, but it’s a very realistic figure. With the cleaning and the setting up, you’ll be done in about 30 minutes.

What’s also great about this machine is that it has a battery pack. You can have the option to either use the AC adapter or to just bring the battery pack for a more convenient pumping experience on the go.

Generally, the Medlea in Style Advanced breast pump is a reliable device. However, the kit does have its own small negative points.

The not so good points:

While this machine is a very efficient and comfortable machine, the storage containers which come with the kit are according to some not as good as some others.

The breast pump kit comes with two storage-only containers and two feeding containers. The two feeding containers do not come with nipples, though, and you will have to buy the nipples separately from the manufacturer itself.

The storage-only containers are a bit difficult to use. In the end, you will have to transfer the milk from the storage containers to your regular feeding bottle before you can feed your baby. Some moms fear that this compromises the sterility of the milk.

Medela does sell travel pouches for the milk. These pouches were designed to have tear-off openings so you wouldn’t have to snip off the corner. The tear-off attachment, however, is hard to remove and you might have to snip off the corner anyway. Again, this will compromise the sterility of the milk.

While this Medela model is an efficient machine, most moms think it’s a bit expensive. They think that the small glitches should have been worked out if the price tag is going to amount to over $200.