If you are a student at college or sixth form, you will be starting to think about whether or not you should apply to attend a University course. There are lots of positive reasons for attending University; not only does University provide you with a chance to further your academic study and knowledge in a particular subject area, but it also means that you are more likely to obtain a higher starting salary in your first job outside of education and University life itself can equip you with a whole range of important life skills.

When it comes to applying to University or any higher or further education institute, you will normally need to fill in a UCAS application form, stating which educational institutions you wish to apply to – you will normally have a maximum of 3 bodies that you can apply to. Your application form will also require you to complete a UCAS personal statement; something that will convince the admissions officers of your application and that will in turn lead to them offering you a place at their particular University. In addition, you’ll need to state your anticipated A’ Level or equivalent grades.

For some lucky students, the admissions process ends there. Universities respond to your application, either granting you a conditional offer of a place at their institution or rejecting your application. University placements are generally offered on a conditional basis; where the condition is that you achieve a certain level of A’ Level results in your impending examinations.

However, some students find that the Universities they have applied to request that they attend an interview first, before they make the decision as to whether or not to grant the student with a conditional placement offer. These interviews are used by higher education bodies to get a feel for students, and to decide how well a student would ‘fit in’ to that particular University’s way of life.

If you are asked to attend a University interview, try not to panic. The good news is that the institution is considering offering you a place on the course of your choice – this is a real opportunity! Furthermore, the interviews aren’t meant to be scary, they are there to ensure as far as possible that you would gel well with the lifestyle of the University and the challenges of the course, and the interview can also act as an opportunity for you to ask any 2021 jamb expo that you may have.

You should however take some time to prepare for this interview as it is important to your future academic study. One of the best ways to prepare for the interview is to think about the questions that the admissions officers may ask you, and then to prepare some strong answers in response to these questions.

Some of the more common questions asked at University interviews include;

– What do you think University can offer you?

– Why do you want to study for a degree?

– Tell us a little bit about yourself

– What attracts you to this course / subject / University / department?

– What work experience have you had?

– Why did you choose your A’ Level subjects?

– What have you learnt from you’re a’ Level subjects?

– Why should we offer you a place on this course?