Recently, I had the honor of attending an exclusive event where I was able to meet with and interview some of the most influential leaders in online network marketing, including Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer. At this exclusive event, I got the chance to pick the brains of these online marketing geniuses and find out how they’ve been able to create some of their massive success.

I had a couple of personal conversations with Brian, and he pointed out some things that they’ve done with MLM Lead System Pro that other online systems have failed to do, and I noticed a couple of things as well about Brian as a network marketing leader.

The first thing that I learned from Brian Bulatao  is that it’s really important to make sure that your marketing system is more about your leaders than it is about you. This is a critical element to any network marketing success, but is often ignored online. Most online leaders are hesitant to give credit to other people in their organizations where credit is due, and as a result their leaders often leave them for greener pastures. Brian Fanale has done an excellent job making sure that his marketing system is less about him and more about his team members.

The second thing that I picked up from my brief conversation with Brian is how important it is to recruit talented people to help you in your business. I’m amazed at how many online entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves, to the detriment of their own long term success. We all need help, and no one can keep doing the work of five people. Often times, network marketers ignore outsourcing their training and technical aspects of their business and try to ‘do it all’. Well, in this business you CAN’T do it all, you’ve got to surround yourself with talent if you want to succeed.

The third pointer that I got from watching Brian is how important it is to have recognition programs in place for your leaders. This can go back to what we were discussing before with just acknowledging that your leaders are making a difference, but even more so real leaders need recognition, it’s a part of who they are and they crave it. If you fail to give your leaders recognition you’ll be failing to create a sustainable, long term organization that continues to be profitable for the months and years ahead.

The fourth thing that I learned from Brian is how important it is to produce personally. Brian Fanale isn’t one of those leaders that just expects everyone else to learn how to be a leader in the marketplace without doing it himself, he has produced consistent, massive results personally for a long period of time.

Overall, I have to give Brian Fanale a huge ‘KUDOS’ for doing what he’s done and paving the way on the internet. We can all learn a lot from the simple success of this internet marketing rock star.